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What Is PS Plastic?

PS no poison, no smell, appearance of ivory-colored half-illuminated or illuminated granular or powder. Density of 1.08~1.18g/cm 3, expansion rate of 0.4%~0.9%, the modulus of 0.2Gpa, the Poisson's ratio is 0.394, hygroscopic < 1%, molten heat 217~237℃, synthesis of heat > 250 ℃.

1. mechanical properties

PS has good mechanical properties, excellent of its battle strength, able to use under very low heat; wear resistance quality of PS, good dimensional stability, and resistance to oil, can be used for intermediate load and speed of the bearing. Creep resistance than the PSF of the PS and PC, but smaller than the PA and POM. PS the wind strength and compressive strength is less plastic. PS mechanical property by heat of big mo.

2. thermal properties

PS heat distortion temperature 93~118℃, after annealing to solve, the product can also reach 10 degrees Celsius. PS-40 ℃, can reflect the will and toughness, can be used within the in-heat of the 40~100℃ scale.

3. electrical properties

PS good electrical insulation, and was not affected by heat, humidity and the efficiency of a crime, can be used under most conditions.

4. the conditions of performance

PS is not affected by acids, organic salt, alkali and water of unwarranted, but soluble in chlorinated hydrocarbons and ketones, aldehydes, eroded by glacial acetic acid and animal oils will cause stress cracking. Poor PS weatherability, easy to produce degradation in the presence of ultraviolet light; outdoor after six months, the battle strength by half.