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Vacuum Forming Tray Transport Material

Vacuum Forming Tray Transport material

The plastic tray has the following characteristics:

1. Flexibility: Immediate flexion can prevent the goods on the pallet from being caught when being forked;

2. Bend: plastic tray is placed on the shelf, the bending will gradually increase in the automatic warehouse can not bend more than ten millimeters;

3. Impact resistance and durability;

4. Usability: light weight, simple operation, easy access to forklifts, stable size;

5. Dynamic load: the maximum weight that can be lifted by the forklift at one time; static load: the maximum weight that the lowest pallet can withstand in the pallet; overhead load: allow the pallet-packed goods to be on the shelf The maximum weight. The load is different with the shelf, temperature and storage period are closely related;

6. Health: do not rot, do not absorb moisture, easy to wash, easy to dry, no insects and bacteria;

7. Safety: light weight, no nails, protrusions;

8. Long life, recyclable.

 Plastic tray is one of the commonly used transport materials, the use of plastic tray can greatly improve the efficiency of material transport, the following by the Suzhou plastic tray manufacturers, one of Suzhou famous Plastic Products Co., Ltd. to tell you about the transport process, the use of What are the advantages of plastic tray?

(1) the use of pallet handling, can improve the working conditions, eliminate heavy physical labor;

(2) a significant reduction in operating time, delivery time is shorter, the truck's transport rate increases; usually forklift drivers can dry a person's work, if the goods are scattered or heavier, you can say that a person is equivalent to two The workload of ten people;

(3) tray transport rarely occur in the case of cargo damage. Manpower for handling operations, due to fatigue, mistakes, the goods will be scattered and damaged;

(4) the use of a certain number of containers carrying capacity, delivery to prevent the number of errors, easy to manage the number;

(5) can be effectively carried out to organize the consolidation of consolidation to implement three-dimensional custody;

(6) three-dimensional warehouse, automatic shelves, etc., if no tray, its function can not be achieved;

(7) the implementation of unmanned handling in the factory must have a tray;

(8) Process plans and schedules for handling operations can be developed. As a disadvantage, the tray itself has a certain weight and volume, in the delivery with the goods will produce excess weight and volume space. But this shortcomings and advantages compared to much smaller, so the world's advanced countries, factories and distribution warehouses and distribution centers are bound to use the tray.

Plastic tray definition 1:

For the operation, installation equipment supporting units.

Subject: ship engineering (a subject); ship craft (two subjects)

Plastic tray definition 2:

Can install the workpiece and its accompanying fixture, in the station, the table between the exchange of devices.

Subject: Mechanical Engineering (Level 1);

Cutting process and equipment (two subjects);

Metal cutting machine tools - metal machine parts (three subjects)

China's national standard "logistics terminology" for the pallet (pallet) is defined as: for the container, stacking, handling and transportation placed as a unit load of goods and products of the horizontal platform device. As a container similar to the container, the pallet is now widely used in the fields of production, transportation, warehousing and circulation.