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Vacuum Forming Tray Easy To Stack Management

Vacuum Forming Tray Easy to stack management

GInterior parts mainly refers to the plastic parts, the molding process of injection molding, plastic, blow molding, extrusion and so on. Injection molding production of high efficiency, high precision molding products can be formed complex parts, but the mold into the cost of large, slow product updates, parts size by the molding machine specifications, therefore, injection molding in the bus application is mainly dashboard , Air conditioning and other complex parts of the air outlet and the requirements of a precise fit with the parts. Blister molding is a small cost of mold, suitable for large-scale parts production, suitable for upgrading fast products, but the size of the accuracy is not high, low production efficiency. As the bus interior is a large cover-based, the accuracy requirements are not high, and the bus itself is not high production, a model with an annual output of about a few hundred, with customers often internal configuration of the car requirements, Parts size and appearance of more or less change, so the plastic process on the interior of the passenger car used more. Blow molding, extrusion molding are the production of specific requirements of plastic parts, in the field of passenger cars in the scope of application of smaller. what kind of thick film plastic tray only with the use of requirements? First of all, as a thick plastic tray, you must have tasteless non-toxic, moisture-resistant corrosion, Carrying, easy to stack management and so on the characteristics, but to have these characteristics, it is required to thick film plastic tray itself is not the same. Non-toxic and tasteless need thick film plastic tray material must be clean, a lot of plastic material or plastic material thick plastic tray will be in the course of the use of toxic substances will be distributed, so that the overall performance of the entire product There is a great impact, but also the vast number of consumers caused harm to the body, so manufacturers in the choice of material will pay great attention to the smell and health and safety issues. Moreover, it is moisture-proof anti-corrosion, for this point on the requirements of the requirements of the higher than the higher. Some products are very corrosive, you need thick film plastic tray to have a very good anti-corrosion function, and for moisture, we often see in daily life, many thick plastic tray in the rainy season will appear mold , Resulting in a variety of products in full bloom. The last is light, and now a lot of thick sheet plastic tray quality is very light, generally depends on the use of materials, if the material used in the light of the material will be largely for the thick sheet plastic tray to reduce the quality. And for the anti-static thick film plastic tray, not only to have more than a few requirements, there is a feature that is anti-static function, so the material needs of the technology is more sophisticated. Did you buy a thick plastic tray to meet these conditions?

Thick plastic blister is a professional machine, the thermoplastic sheet as raw material, through the oven heated to softening temperature, and then through the plastic sheet and plastic mold between the vacuum negative pressure, so that in the thermoplastic state of plastic sheet adsorption Blister molding die working surface, and then cooling the molding process.