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Vacuum Forming Tray Blistering Process

Vacuum Forming Tray Blistering process

Blister tray is also called plastic inner care, the use of plastic technology will be made of plastic hard film into a specific groove of plastic, the product placed in the groove, play a protective and beautify the role of the product, there are transport tray packaging, tray Use more are mainly to facilitate the main. Tray products are one of the blister types in the blister industry. Depending on the form of the article, the weight is set to fit the pallet package, and the thickness of the material used is different. Depending on the packaging of the packaged items,

(1) double-layer plastic tray from the own cover with the top cover and the base and the folding of the hoardings to form a complete set of modular plastic tray, roof and bottom care Made with HDPE. Using double-layer one-time plastic molding process. The middle panel can be made of PP (polypropylene resin) plastic hollow board or seven corrugated cardboard made of folding hinges.

(2) the whole system design reciprocating cycle, roof and base can be recycled for up to ten years. Plastic hoardings and corrugated hoardings can also be recycled several times to replace, so that the design can greatly reduce the customer's logistics operations and storage costs.

(3) Tray hoods are designed to be foldable, top and bottom can be embedded or stacked, compared with the traditional packaging can save 50% of the storage space.

(4) plastic cover and base care are used two HDPE sheet disposable plastic molding, durable!

(5) blister tray assembly or disassembly is extremely convenient, without the help of how tools, one person can be completed in a few minutes demolition or equipment. The top cover and the bottom of the design of the four fast lock, you can buckle the hoarding, so no need to bundle, saving the packaging materials and labor costs.

 (1) the use of backward, can not fully play the advantages of the tray

Tray itself is to cooperate with the efficient logistics and the birth of a unit of logistics equipment, it can be said that the tray is through all aspects of modern logistics system connection point. But in our actual use because the specifications are not uniform, resulting in the tray can not be used in the logistics operations chain, only limited to within the enterprise.

(2) by the tray turnover mode constraints, the flow of the process cost is too high

From the survey can be found, the vast majority of enterprises are in the internal turnover of enterprises, so that the enterprise's products after several manual handling loading and unloading, greatly reducing the efficiency of the corresponding increase in the cost of circulation of products, thereby reducing the product Competitiveness in the market.