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Vacuum Forming Products Material Mainly

Vacuum Forming Products Material mainly

Why thicker plastic tray has exceeded performance?

Compared to other materials, the tray, the plastic tray has a lot of excitement, and if it is thick plastic tray, then its performance can be imagined is quite superior. The same plastic products used to produce plastic products, and can be used to package the product, thick plastic tray how how will it be excellent?

Thickened plastic tray material mainly PVC, PET, PS, etc., in addition, there are on the basis of flocking, anti-static, gold-plated silver-plated materials. This kind of material itself has the common characteristic, namely is the density is small, the forming is good, the environment non-toxic and so on the characteristic, therefore through the plastic craft making the tray also naturally continues these advantages.

Plus the tray also belongs to the thick type, to solve the problem of poor toughness of the material, but also to achieve the product recycling recycling. With the successful case of plastic tray, other uses of plastic products can also use the same materials and process molding, there will be unexpected results. Under normal circumstances, the vacuum plastic molding can only produce a simple structure of the half-shell products, but also requires products to be more uniform wall thickness. For some wall thickness difference between the plastic products, vacuum plastic molding technology is not applicable. And this technology will be in the depth of a certain significant, requiring the depth of the container diameter ratio can not exceed 1.

There is the final shape on the final shape of the molding accuracy, the use of vacuum blister work made of the workpiece accuracy is usually relatively poor, the relative error is more than 1%. Not only that, vacuum forming process, the mold of some of the details can not be fully reflected in the products, resulting in a larger error. Blister box as a kind of packaging and decorations, in the daily life of the use of a very wide range of disposable plastic box packaging, I used in the production of plastic materials is provided by qualified suppliers, our suppliers can Provide all the data that can be verified, and any criteria you can raise will be done in a scientific way. Reason two: toothbrush is in the plastic box processing "cooling" after the packaging, so the plastic layer will not distribute harmful substances. If you still feel some of the concerns Huahua Chang plastic box packaging factory, you can teach you a very simple way, you can pick up the plastic box packaging into the fire if you can smell a pungent taste, that is Is a harmful plastic, good plastic is burning when there will not be heavy smoke, this way you can also try to do.