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Vacuum Forming Mould The Characteristics And Applications

 Vacuum Forming Mould Vacuum molding is often called plastic, is a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to flatten the plastic hard sheet heat softened, the use of vacuum adsorption on the mold surface, after cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, lighting, advertising , Decoration and other industries.

   Vacuum Forming Mould definition

Vacuum packaging: the use of plastic products to produce plastic products, and the corresponding equipment to the product of the general name of the package.

Vacuum packaging products include: blister, tray, plastic box, synonyms are: vacuum hood, blister and so on.

Vacuum packaging equipment mainly include: plastic molding machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.

Packaging the formation of packaging products can be divided into: card, suction card, double bubble shell, half bubble, folding bubble shell, three fold blister and so on.

Vacuum molding is the thermoplastic sheet or sheet (thickness less than 6mm) re-heating softening, placed on a number of small holes with the mold, take the vacuum method to make the sheet tightly sucked in the mold on the molding, this method forming speed , Easy to operate, but the product surface roughness, size and shape of the larger error.

  Vacuum Forming Mould Features

The main advantage of vacuum packaging is to save raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, easy transportation, good sealing performance, in line with the requirements of environmentally friendly green packaging; can be packaged any shaped products, packing without additional cushioning material; transparent transparent packaging products, shape Beautiful, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization, automated packaging, easy to modern management, save manpower, improve efficiency

  Vacuum Forming Mould application

Vacuum forming is widely used to produce calcium-plastic ceiling decorative materials, washing machines and refrigerator shell, motor shell, art and daily necessities.

A vacuum forming

The so-called vacuum forming, refers to rely on the vacuum pump mold and heated thermoformed sheet (plate) between the material into a vacuum state, resulting in sheet (plate) material from top to bottom pressure difference, so that the sheet tightly covered in the mold surface molding Methods. Vacuum forming can be divided into single-Yang model (punch) single female mold (die), no mold and other forms.

1, single Yang mold vacuum forming

Single-Yang mold vacuum molding, also known as punch vacuum forming, covering vacuum forming or vacuum forming. The process is a plastic sheet with a clip after clamping the heating, vacuum holes open on the convex model surface, the sheet softened, the folder down or punch on the shift, so that the sheet was stretched, To the folder frame and the punch after the contact and sealed, the punch vacuum, the pressure of the sheet to cover the surface of the punch shape. By cooling stereotypes, blown stripping, after finishing to get parts.

2 single negative mold vacuum forming

Single vacuum mold vacuum molding, also known as die vacuum forming, direct or simple molding. The process is the sheet is held on the die, the lower mold cavity has a vacuum hole, the die is both a vacuum chamber and a molding cavity. After the sheet is heated and softened, the die is evacuated, and the pressure difference between the atmospheric pressure and the vacuum causes the sheet to be stretched and adhered to the concave mold cavity. After the molding is carried out, the mold is blown and blown and demolded.

3 Moldless

No mold of the vacuum molding, said mold-free molding, also known as free molding. This molding method is used to blow various hoods