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Vacuum Formed Panels The Advantages Of Introduction

 Vacuum Formed Panels Vacuum insulation board from the excellent thermal insulation properties of porous core material in a vacuum state with a high barrier film material package, due to the combination of vacuum insulation and micro-adiabatic dual advantages, and thus show excellent thermal insulation properties.

  Vacuum Formed Panels All of the vacuum insulation panels are formed by sealing the membrane material to form a core gas barrier layer. But because of the use of hot pressing for most of the edge, resulting in the edge of the gas and water vapor barrier properties and no resistance to the film itself is good, so at this point greatly depends on the manufacturer to use the thickness of the barrier film and edge technology And equipment.

  All the vacuum insulation board depends on the internal vacuum to obtain high thermal resistance, the board to reduce the vacuum, the thermal resistance of the natural reduction in the corresponding. But the degree of thermal resistance increases or decreases with the degree of vacuum in the board depends on the type of all core materials. Different thermal conductivity of the core with the pressure changes are not the same, so its thermal insulation performance also showed significant differences.

  Vacuum heaters are based on the principle of vacuum insulation and microporous insulation, which reduces convection and radiant heat transfer by maximizing the degree of vacuum inside the plate and filling with nano insulated materials.

At present, VIP vacuum insulation board is mainly used in the field of construction, refrigerators, refrigerated trucks and other industrial fields. Foreign construction with vacuum insulation board more choice of fumed silica as a core material, the product life of more than 60 years. Industrial vacuum insulation board and more use of glass fiber, perforated polyurethane as a core material, product life in about 10 years. As the use of fumed silica as a core of the vacuum insulation board production process is more complex, foreign manufacturers of such products are mostly semi-automatic state, low yield, high prices, more difficult to achieve a large area of promotion. Domestic building with a vacuum insulation board using glass wool, micro-silica fume, the current domestic product prevalence of short life, unstable production quality, sealing heat loss and other serious phenomena, the building is very negative energy efficiency.

  Vacuum Formed Panels The higher the porosity of PURF for the vacuum insulation panel, the better it should be at least 95. The results of the self-developed opening rate tester show that after a large number of recipes and process adjustments have been developed Perforation rate of more than 95 kinds of density of small batch of core material samples. At present, the recipe process is being further refined and fine-tuned to meet the needs of industrial production.

On the other hand, the average pore size has a crucial effect on the thermal insulation performance of the vacuum insulation board. It is clear that the thermal conductivity decreases with decreasing mean pore size. The experimental results are consistent with the analysis in the first section of this paper. Therefore, in the solution of the core material after the opening of the hole, the preparation of perforated microporous foam is another technical problem, through a large number of domestic and foreign related technology research and analysis and recipe test has been the smallest average pore size of 140 porous core material The Most of the foreign preparation by prepolymer method, although the effect is more ideal, but the reaction process is difficult to control, the production process is complex. We use a relatively simple one step method.