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Thick Vacuum Forming The Process Used

Thick Vacuum Forming The process used

More and more enterprises in our country began to use thick plastic blistering process for their own product packaging, such as my recent orders, Weichai (Weifang Diesel Engine Factory) on the large machine used in the crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod The assembly is placed in the transport with the ABS tray. As well as the United States customers ordered plastic kayak, the use of anti-UV ABS, produced products, durable, anti-aging, weather, acid and alkali.

Previously, the domestic and foreign kayak manufacturers are generally used in the process of FRP or rotational molding process to produce. But these two processes have many drawbacks, such as: too heavy weight, not environmentally friendly, long production cycle. Blister ABS canoeing shell in foreign countries is not the latest technology, but has not been widely used, the same in the country there are the same status quo. The reasons are: 1, with very large thick film plastic machine manufacturers in the country is almost very few, even if the equipment, to produce the product manufacturers are very few. 2, the domestic thick film blister process is just the beginning of this process to understand the people are not many, with this process to produce blister kayak that can be said that basically no.

We have received more than 50 million domestic and foreign orders from the beginning of April 2010. There are car roof tents, roof suitcase, HIPS plastic body model, blister biogas digesters shell, bathroom PC blister bending PC shield, off-road vehicles high-grade rain and rain, home garden blister basin, electric car fender Stainless steel plastic blister, plastic parts on the elevator plastic parts, transparent PVC plastic shield, and so on.

So, I believe that in the near future, thick film blistering it in many places better than the advantages of injection molding, rotomolding, hollow blow molding process, in the country will certainly one day shine. So that each enterprise benefits, so that each family benefit. Thick film blister process

First, the customer issued a request for inquiry: a way to call the inquiry, the way two fax inquiry, the way three e-mail inquiry, way four through the network chat tool inquiry. (PVC, PET, PS, PP), product quantity and production cycle.

Second, the business sector Price: plastic products priced at the level of the following factors: plastic products, long, wide, high and the complexity of plastic molding; materials used in the type, thickness and color; plastic products after processing Process (fold, punch, edge, etc.), order quantity and order cycle. The quotation will have an initial quotation from the customer's sample and description, and the final offer will be reported after proofing.

Third, the computer design: the basic acceptance of the offer for customers, will be required, physical or plastic samples to the business unit, the production scheduling will require the computer design department will be in-kind scanning and the combination of print design, Of the graphic design.