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Thick Vacuum Forming Main Environmental Protection

Thick Vacuum Forming Main environmental protection

With antibacterial thick blister made of children's toys or supplies, can effectively block the breeding of bacteria, the children are more healthy; with coconut shell to do thick plastic raw materials, to achieve full degradation, pollution-free more environmentally friendly ..... Yesterday morning, the fifteenth China Plastics Fair opened in Yuyao, with the application of thick plastic products more and more widely, energy saving and environmental protection has become the development trend.

Add antibacterial reagents thick plastic can also be antibacterial

Children with thick plastic toys to play for a long time, parents always think about how to disinfect, if you use antibacterial thick plastic material, parents even more peace of mind. Plastic Expo, China Petrochemical (600028, stock it) Beijing Chemical Industry Research Institute shows the use of antibacterial thick plastic production of stroller, toys, etc., in order to increase the credibility of merchants, but also an antibacterial test report displayed.

"This is our new results developed last year, after testing that antibacterial thick plastic on E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial rate of 99%, the price is only about 5% higher than ordinary plastic." Staff, Plastic is able to antibacterial, because in which added nano-nano-composite antimicrobial reagents, this reagent can be applied to almost all of the plastic material, like monosodium glutamate, making ordinary plastic turned "antibacterial plastic", antibacterial thickness Blister can be used to produce toys, tableware, household items, etc., are currently in the washing machine parts and baby carriage have applications.

Coconut shell made of thick plastic can be fully degraded

Plastic Expo this year, about 80% of energy-saving environmental protection products, a German company launched a thick plastic material made of coconut shell, the biggest feature is the degradation, more environmentally friendly. "This thick blister is made of coconut shells or marijuana, can be made into some bowls, dolls and so on, the child even if the toy to eat his mouth do not have to worry about harm." Staff, this kind of coconut The plastic shortcomings are relatively brittle, can only do the surface pieces, can not do structural parts.

Many degradable disposable cutlery because of the relationship between the material, really complete the degradation is not much. Yesterday's Plastics Fair, the Ningbo Institute of Materials Science and Technology exhibited a heat-resistant polylactic acid material lunch box, the main material is corn starch and lactic acid, lunch boxes placed in the natural environment can be completely degraded for several months, Traces, and the ability of 120 degrees Celsius high temperature. Staff, this lunch box price than ordinary expensive, very popular in Europe and the United States, there are market prospects in the country.