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Thick Vacuum Forming Good Insulation

Thick Vacuum Forming Good insulation

Blister molding machine has two kinds of automatic molding machine and artificial molding. Automatic molding machine for mass production, from sheet metal transport to sheet heating, blister processing, cooling, stripping to the final product out of the entire process to achieve automation. The efficiency of the automatic molding machine is high, the product quality is stable, the worker's work intensity is low, but the product size is limited by the machine. When the size of the mold is less than the specified size of the machine, it is necessary to increase the size of the hole and the outer dimension of the mold, the outer edge dimension is the same as the size of the press frame, otherwise it will increase the sheet material. The mold used in the automatic molding machine is mainly steel mold. The method of artificial molding is relatively simple, the main equipment is sheet heating drying room, compressor, pressure frame and mold. After the plate is heated, the panel is taken out of the mold by hand, and the edge of the mold is clamped and the suction is formed. Mold size is not restricted, as long as there is enough big drying room on it, 7 meters long passenger air duct is generally this molding method. Artificial molding method is low efficiency, subject to human factors is relatively large, so generally do not have steel mold, the vast majority of plastic is pure aluminum mold.

① most of the plastic system of light quality, chemical stability, not rust;

② good impact resistance;

③ has good transparency and abrasion resistance;

④ good insulation, low thermal conductivity;

⑤ general shape, good coloring, low processing costs;

⑥ most of the plastic products, poor heat resistance, thermal expansion rate, easy to burn;

⑦ dimensional stability is poor, easy to deformation;

⑧ most of the low temperature resistance of plastic products, low temperature brittle;

⑨ easy to aging;

⑩ some plastic products soluble in solvents.

Blister products can be divided into two categories of thermosetting and thermoplastic, the former can not be re-used, the latter can be repeated production. Two different structures, showing two opposite properties. The linear structure (including the branched structure) of the polymer due to the existence of independent molecules, it is flexible, plastic, soluble in the solvent, heating can melt, hardness and brittle characteristics. Body structure polymer because there is no independent macromolecules exist, so there is no flexibility and plasticity, can not dissolve and melt, can only swell, hardness and brittle. Blister products are two kinds of structure of the polymer are made of linear polymer made of thermoplastic plastic products, made of high-molecular polymer is thermosetting plastic products.