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Thick Vacuum Forming Application Areas

Thick Vacuum Forming Application areas

Blister in various industries

With the development of plastic blister industry, the field of plastic applications is also growing, from the beginning of the sheet plastic to the current alternative plastic injection molding machine plate from the simple plastic food tray, electronic tray to Now the plastic blister turnover pallet, hardware tool cart, cooling water tower, bathtub, and inward take the car's plastic parts and so on, from the original blister packaging products to become part of the product blister, it can be said that plastic Blister products are ubiquitous in our lives ....

Introduced under the application of plastic in various industries:

Blister Automotive Industry:

Car interior trim, motorcycle trim panel, electric scooter shell, car hood, logistics turnover tray, tool car shell

Food, medical, home appliances industry Blister:

Plastic food tray (egg care, fast food boxes, cups, food tray, etc.), cosmetics and other plastic packaging, refrigerator liner plastic, bathtub, electronic tray, door, medical equipment, lamps and so on.

The type of mold is usually classified according to the different processing objects and processes. From the point of view of the industry, there are plastic molds, rubber molds, metal cold molds, metal cold extrusion molds and hot extrusion molds, metal drawing molds , Powder metallurgy mold, metal die-casting mold, metal precision casting mold, glass mold, glass steel mold and so on.

The following is only the most common import of plastic products used in the molding process used in different types of mold classification, introduced.

Plastic The most common molding methods are generally divided into melt molding and solid phase molding two categories: melt molding is the plastic heated to above the melting point, so that it is in the molten state of the molding process, belonging to this molding method of molding Solid phase molding refers to the plastic in the melting temperature below the solid state to maintain a class of molding methods, such as some plastic packaging containers produced by the vacuum forming, compressed air molding (compression molding), the production of plastic molding, And blow molding. In addition, there are liquid molding methods, such as casting, slush and dip dip molding method.

According to the different molding methods, can be divided into different processing requirements of the plastic processing mold type, mainly injection molding die, extrusion molding die, compression molding mold, blow molding mold, plastic molding mold, high foam polystyrene Ethylene molding die and so on.