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Thick Film Blister Technology Introduction

Main production equipment:

Thick film blister machine, acrylic laser machine, imported CNC, plane cutting machine, split machine, bending machine.

Plastic manufacturing principle:

A plastic processing process, to thermoplastic plastic tablets material for raw materials, through oven heating to softening temperature, again through plastic plate and sucking plastic forming mold Zhijian of vacuum negative pressure role, makes plastic plate adsorption in mold surface, around sealed, pumping off inside of vacuum, let plate completely stick tight in mold Shang, such on will get with mold exactly of shape, again with wind machine and spray water makes plate cooling, can release forming.

Thick film blister advantages and disadvantages:

In the field of plastics processing, thick plastic molding is considered to be a method of processing with great development potential. Cheap, low cost, high efficiency, shape, and color matching free, corrosion resistance, light weight and so on. Thick film blister can only produce simple half-shell products, and some of the wall thickness is not uniform (generally straight slightly thin), cannot get exactly the same thickness of plastic products.

Technology applications:

Is being applied widely, as the machine housings, appliances, electric coating, pallet, large toys, lighting enclosures, lightboxes, display stands and bathrooms, and other major industry.