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Thermoforming Plastics The Introduction Of The Characteristics

 Thermoforming Plastics In the plastic processing molding

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Thermoforming Plastics Plastic box packaging

1. Strong adaptability. With the thermoforming method, it is possible to produce various kinds of articles which are large, small, extravagant and thin, and the thickness of the board (sheet) used as raw material can be as thin as 1 to 2 mm

, Even thinner; the surface area of the product can be up to 10m2

, Is a half-shell structure, small to a few square millimeters; wall thickness can reach 20mm

, Thin to


, Such as thermoformed packaging of a tablet product. Most of the thermoformed products belong to the inner concave half-shell shape, and its depth has a certain limit. Thermoformed parts are mostly thin-walled, the thickness of the original sheet

0.5 ~ 2mm

, While the actual product thickness is smaller, special thin products wall thickness up to


3. Wide range of applications. As the thermoforming parts adaptability, its wide range of applications. From the pillar packaging to the refrigerator liner, and even to the aircraft cabin cover, can be used to form a thermoforming method. The types of products are cups and other household utensils, medical utensils, and electronic instrument accessories, radio and TV enclosures, billboards, baths, toys, helmets and packaging appliances. There are also car parts, building components, chemical equipment, radar cover and aircraft cabin cover and other plastic tray.

4. Equipment investment less. As the thermoforming equipment is simple, and the required total pressure is not high, the pressure equipment requirements are not high, so the thermoforming equipment has the characteristics of low investment and low cost.

5. Mold manufacturing convenience. Thermoforming molds are simple in structure, are inexpensive, easy to manufacture and process, are not demanding on materials, and are easy to manufacture and modify. They can be made of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood and gypsum. The cost is only the injection mold. One, and product design change fast, suitable for small batch production.

6.Thermoforming Plastics Production efficiency is higher. The use of multi-mode production, the output per minute up to hundreds of pieces.