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Thermoformed Plastic Products

Welcome To Ditai Vacuum Forming. We are a large plastics manufacturer, specializing in all kinds of vacumm formed OEM products and custom parts.

Our Engineers have more than 20 years experience in the industry and we are able to design, develop and produce all elements in-house; from design and tooling/moulds, to forming and CNC cutting. We are even able to carry out complex assembly of the final product for you.

Keeping all aspects in-house allows us to maintain unparallelled quality control as well as speeding up the entire process from concept to product delivery. Clients also benefit from us being a single point of contact for all your manufacturing needs.And we are so proud of our large volume machines, we have the largest vacuum forming machine in Guangdong! That being said, noproject is too small, and we will hapilly speak with you about how we can help you with your project requirements.

Basic Info

  • Specification:RoHS, and CE Mark

  • Origin:China

Product Description

Compared with injection, the processing of vacuum forming and pressure forming has characteristics of lower-cost and shorter-cycle. The thick thermoformed plastic will save the expensive mould cost, and avoid the problem of high production costs of the small quantities

1. Lower-cost mould cost. The cost of thick plastic mould is 1/10 with injection mould cost.
2. Shorter-cycle. Usually, it just needs 3-5 days to develop the mould.

The maximum size of products is 4000*2000 *1000mm (length*width* high),

The materials of products are: ABS, PC, PP, PS, PETG, PVC, PET, HDPE, etc, color plates, embossed light board, transparent plate, and other customized material such as gold, silver, flocking.

Products are widely applied in Wheel fender, HDPE kayak interior, refrigerator interior, interior of drinking fountains, mechanical enclosure, lighting shell, car jacket, massage chair, pet tray, plastic fruit tray, machine panels, car panels, toy cars Shell, air conditioning case, car accessories, bathroom supplies.