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Automotive Plastics Market Prospects

Car of exists for people of life provides has many convenience conditions, with technology of constantly innovation and development, car style kaleidoscope of while its manufacturing material also has has major breakthrough, both plastic material gradually replaced traditional material, car with plastic not only can maximum meet car manufacturer on parts of special needs, also can reduced processing cost, reduced oil volume consumption, car manufacturing technology progress rapid, will pull car with plastic of needs increasingly growth.

Meanwhile, the increasingly serious environmental problems and the regulation of carbon emissions, also makes car manufacturers more and more importance to plastics in automotive development. Application of plastics in the automotive industry, will not only reduce the fuel consumption and vehicle weight, achieving environmental sustainability, increase design flexibility and security. Typical applications include spoiler, fenders, air bags and seat belts and other auto parts applications. In addition to a high level of environmental sustainability, a high-performance plastics in automotive also possess strong design and operating safety. At present, the automotive plastics bumper, engine cover, airbags and safety belts and other components are widely used. The integration of high-performance plastics can not only reduce vehicle weight, can also play a role in cushioning, wear-resistant, to better extend car life.

According to international model Association Secretary General Luo Baihui introduction currently polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), ABS resins and engineering plastics and its alloys has been preliminary application in the automotive sector. Expected from 2012 to 2015, the application of Nano-composite materials, spray and spray plastic, plastic glasses and plastic glass and fiber reinforced thermoplastics in automotive materials will be brought into full play.