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Application Of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming are widely used in the production of calcium-plastic ceiling decoration material, washing machine and refrigerator casing, motor casing, artwork and supplies.

Vacuum forming

The so-called vacuum forming, relies on vacuum pumps to heat mold and thermoforming sheet (plate) between the vacuum State, causing sheet (plate) material upper and lower differential pressure, so that the sheets tightly covered in mold surface forming method. Vacuum forming can be divided into Dan Yangmo (die) die (die), no mold and other forms.

1, Dan Yangmo vacuum forming

Dan Yangmo vacuum forming, also known as vacuum forming of punch, covered with vacuum or vacuum forming. Its process process is plastic tablets material with clip box clip tight Hou heating, pumping vacuum of small hole open in convex model surface Shang, tablets material softening Hou,, clip box Xia moved or convex die Shang moved, makes tablets material was stretch, to clip box and convex die all-around contact and sealed Hou, convex die pumping vacuum, pressure errand tablets material post covered in convex die surface Shang forming. After cooling, blow mold release, trim to get parts.

2 single die vacuum forming

Anion-vacuum molding, also known as die vacuum forming, direct or simple shape. Process sheet is clamped on the die, die opened on the lower part of the cavity of vacuum holes, die is both a vacuum chamber is the molding cavity. Sheet heating to soften and die vacuum, atmospheric pressure and vacuum pressure difference sheet is stretched close to cavity shape after cooling, air release, and the finished product.

3 no molding

Without vacuum forming mold-free of the mold, also known as freedom. This method is used for blowing various cover form