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What is a double-sheet thermoforming

Two sheets laminated together, blowing in the Middle, we can produce large hollow parts.

Put thermoplastic plastic tablets material processing into various products of a more special of processing method, will tablets material clip in framework Shang heating to softening State, in forces Xia, makes its close mold type surface, cooling stereotypes Hou that have products, this method also for rubber processing, and injection forming compared, has production efficiency high, equipment investment less and can manufacturing surface area larger of products, advantages, using of plastic main has polystyrene, and PVC, and poly olefin,, forming method has variety, are is to vacuum, and Pneumatic or mechanical pressure based on three methods to be combined or modified from. Can be used to produce eating utensils, toys, helmets and automotive parts, building, chemical equipment, etc.

Thermoplastic sheet material as raw material to a processing method of manufacturing plastic products. Cut to size and shape of the sheet in the mold frame, heat to soften, then put pressure on, making it close to the mould surface, made of similar shape, after cooling and finishing products. Forming the sheet thickness is 1~2mm, and the thickness of the product is always less than this value.