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Us research firm: thermoformed plastic products continued market share gains

Thermoformed plastics have taken part in many important applications, such as rigid food and medical packaging, automotive, building products, appliances, and various consumer goods. These plastics in injection molding, blow molding products and other non-plastic materials (glass, paper and metals) to compete.

Global market for thermoforming of plastic values are expected to rise 8.3 billion pounds from 2016 to 2021 10.2 billion pounds, this five-year compound annual growth rate will reach 4.3%.

Growth will mainly come from food and beverage services as well as baked goods, frozen products, fresh produce, meat, dairy products and other food packaging products. Among them, the application in pharmaceutical blister packaging also increases a certain market value, other terminal applications include cosmetics, hardware, sporting goods, electronics, consumer goods, etc.

Reports that growing demand in the auto industry, due to the lightweight and energy-saving requirements, automobile instrument panels, interior plastics and windshield and Windows are using thermoforming of plastic.