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Types of thermoforming

① vacuum forming

Hot forming dozens of ways, vacuum forming is representative of its kind.

Vacuum thermal softening sheet close to the mold surface and shape. This method is the simplest, but the vacuum caused by the differential pressure is small, only used in the simple shape of the products.

② thermoforming

Use compressed air or steam pressure, forcing the heat to soften the sheet, close to the mold surface and shape. Due to the pressure difference larger than the vacuum-formed, able to produce more complex shape of the products.

③ thermal forming

Match the heat softening sheets in between yin, mold, forming by means of mechanical pressure. This method of forming pressure bigger, could be used to manufacture products with complex shapes, but the cost is higher.

④Black plunger pressure forming

The heating plate with a plunger or mold part pretension, using vacuum or pressure forming, can produce deep, uniform wall thickness distribution of products.

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