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Plastic tray industry which

Many kinds of plastic pallet, plastic tray, also called plastic liner, using molded plastic hard plastic made from a particular Groove, products will be placed in the Groove, play a role in protection and beautification products, also with transport pallet, pallet is more convenient to use. Plastic trays are used for any industry.

Tray products is sucking plastic industry in the sucking plastic type one of, this class tray endurance taught strong, according to items of form structure, and weight set for bear efforts of tray packaging, by used of material thickness also has many different, tray in the surrounding Board are design into can folding, top cover and end of supporting can embedded or stack put, and traditional packaging compared can save 50% of warehouse space. Depending on the packaging materials packaging choices need to be made, such plastic tray used in the electronics industry, toys, stationery, technology industry, cosmetics industry, health care industry and so on. Use of such trays of hard film commonly used materials include PVC, PS, transparent plastic trays more commonly used in the packaging, other colors can be selected according to the individual's need to.

Using both before Assembly or use after demolition, plastic trays in the case without any artifacts can be done quickly, so that one operator is sufficient to. Are so easily, because the plastic tray top and bottom tray is designed with quick lock buckles in order to withhold the hoardings, the fixed effects. Plastic tray in the package most evident in the areas of transport, helped sales of the product and is suitable for mechanization and automation of production, so as to modernize management and savings in manpower, improved efficiency and other goals.