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Plastic tray design ideas and tips

In life, we must first know the meaning of plastic. Plastic is a kind of plastic processing methods, blister blister technology process is a plastic tray used to partition a fixed flow transport. Is the common plastic trays, it also plays it with advantage. Following Suzhou PLA plastic products limited company to introduce plastic tray under the design ideas and tips.

In the plastic industry, plastic trays are the most simple. The process is simple, simple design. But to be crowning, is the need to carefully design. How to use snap to make plastic trays more stable in quality: more secure, we can take a case that we have experienced for the next.

Find a plastic tray, its exactly the same as products, is too wide, going from side to side. Customer wants to use this plastic tray to try for a few days, see if we can meet the requirements of their relatively common. After all, not too much just in the world, combined with plastic tray is not customized, there will always be gaps in customer tests during this time, because size does not match the product sloshing around, often let this be organized chaos. Plastic pallet customers desired effect cannot be achieved.

In the plastic tray, you can use the button fixed upper and lower plastic trays. In the overlay is not easy to slide. Bottom surface of the plastic tray with a raised structure happens to be a connecting link between the, up, down. Such stability has many, in ensuring the quality at the same time, also makes pallets highlights.