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Material selection and use of skills

Blister: a plastic processing technology, the main principle is to spread after the softening of hard plastic sheeting heating, vacuum adsorbed on the surface, cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, decorative lighting, advertising, and other industries.

Blister packaging is the use of technology to produce plastic products in blister, with the appropriate equipment to package the product in General. Plastic packaging products mainly include: blister, trays, plastic boxes, synonyms: vacuum cover, Cap, etc. Use of different plastic materials are different.

Plastic film or sheet film for packaging, commonly used PET (polyethylene terephthalate) rigid sheet, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) rigid sheet, PS (polystyrene) plates.

PS film low density, toughness, combustible, gas combustion will produce styrene (of the harmful gases), it is generally used in the production of a variety of industrial plastic tray.

PVC rigid sheet moderate toughness, not burning, combustion will produce chlorine gas, have an impact on the environment, PVC Yi Rehe, and edge banding machine high frequency sealing machine can be used, is the main raw material production of transparent plastic products.

PET hard tablets toughness good, transparency high, easy burning, burning Shi not produced harmful gas, belongs to environmental material, but price high, suitable do high-end of sucking plastic products, Europe national of sucking plastic bubble shell General requirements used PET hard tablets, but its easily hot collection, to package brings is big difficult, to solution this a problem, people in PET surface composite Shang a layer PVC film, named for PETG hard tablets, but price more high some.