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Mainly used to facilitate transparent trays

A: the Assembly or disassembly of the plastic tray is extremely convenient, without tools, one can be completed in a matter of minutes to remove or install. Top and bottom design with four quick lock buckles, can withhold boards, so there is no need to bundle, save the packing materials and labor costs.

II: full design cycle, top and bottom may be reused for up to 10 years old. Plastic panels and corrugated boards also can be recycled several times and then replaced, this can greatly reduce the customer's logistics operations and warehouse costs.

Three: tray panels were designed to be folded, top and bottom can be embedded or stacked, and saves 50% of storage space compared to conventional packaging.

Four: the plastic top cover and bottom are made of two sheets of HDPE sheets disposable plastic molding, sturdiness and durability!

Friday: double blister tray by self locking top and bottom and folding boards form a complete assembled plastic pallet, top and bottom are made of HDPE. Using disposable plastic molding. Boards can be operated by PP (polypropylene) plastic hollow-or seven-layer corrugated cardboard folding boards.