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Automation of large vacuum negative pressure vacuum forming machine

First, large vacuum negative pressure of positive and negative pressure vacuum forming machine plastic machine heating: electric stove made of stainless steel, Taiwan heat tiles, Japan Baidu keywords ranking high temperature line, high-frequency porcelain fittings, a control to adjust the temperature, and thermal furnace temperature to facilitate information management. Electric cylinder, power outages or maintenance of furnace exit machine, safe and convenient.

Second, feeding the motor lift, thanks to weigh up to 200 kg, see roller driven, with aniseed bar is used to replace the second sheet.

Third, large vacuum negative pressure of positive and negative pressure vacuum forming machine plastic machine artificial intelligent system human-machine interface using up to 10.4-inch color touch screen, professional operation menu, corresponding to the popular operation system solved upgrade control topic. Growing memory space, forgive active operation, manual operation is set, the function sets, mechanical animation, faults, equipment safety guidelines for documentation, interface, the entire set of safety and soundness of the system.

Lastly, track drive: track specially fine cover by importing 718 steel processing dock high accuracy, low coefficient of friction, long life, variable frequency control technology, combined with encoders, enter the length you want, quickly and correctly.

V, and large plus or minus pressure sucking plastic machine of vacuum plus or minus pressure sucking plastic machine forming length 1220mm within unlimited, die disc each 50mm width a a specifications, forming height maximum 200 mm, tablets material using width 510~760mm, end of die cylinder 150x350 mm, can electric regulation level, forming width 470~720mm, die disc for aluminum shipped water type total 5 block, self demolition, design has fast vacuum tube and the pipes joint, convenient die disc replaced, can electric regulation trip, Punch and is equipped with two pressure release on independence, isolation, in the lower lock and the brakes are designed to quickly push-pull.