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Application range of plastic products introduction

Blister packaging: blister technology to produce plastic products. Sucking plastic products its main application field are has: sucking plastic machine as sucking plastic products of production equipment; plastic packaging industry (sucking plastic packaging, and plastic, and battery, and toy, and gift, and hardware, and appliances, and electronic, and stationery, and decorative); food packaging industry (fast food box, and fruit tray, and cookies box); medicine industry (pills packaging, and pills packaging); industrial Shang cooling tower cooling water diversion Board,;

Stereo embossed, plastic decorative ceiling, wall, car information, sanitation equipment and other manufacturing industries. Suitable for the production of all kinds of color sheet: PE PS PVC PVC, ABS poly methyl methacrylate plexiglass; flocking sheet green sheet APETPETPP; photodegradable materials biodegradable materials such as plastic. Main principle is the flat plastic sheet is heated after the soft, plastic is a plastics processing technology. Vacuum adsorption to the mould surface, cooling molding, widely used in plastic packaging, decorative lighting, advertising, and other industries. With the appropriate equipment to package the product in General.

Plastic packaging products including: blister, trays, plastic boxes. Plastic products is environmentally friendly green packaging requirements can packing any shaped products, the main advantages of plastic products is saving raw materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance. Boxing without additional cushioning material; was transparent packaging products, beautiful appearance, easy to sell and are suitable for mechanization, automation, packaging, ease of management, saving manpower and improve efficiency. Plastic products mainly include: plastic molding machines, punching machine, sealing machine, high-frequency machine, folding machine.